Garowe, Puntland, Somalia

Vacancy: Executive Director


PDRC is committed to promoting democracy, peace- and security-building and consensus-based decision-making in public policy-formulation by encouraging and supporting civil society and different actors’ participation. PDRC conducts research on current and prospective issues of political, security, and developmental nature.

In this regard, the goal of the PDRC is to empower Puntland communities to manage peaceful change by providing inclusive and neutral spaces to identify the issues affecting their lives and set priorities to address them.

The position (ToR)

Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the strategic and operational activities of PDRC including overall day-to-day operations and management, program development and donor and partners relations.

Educational Qualification and Experiences.

Master’s Degree or above
At least five (5) years of work experience (please mention institutions, their emails and telephones)
Three (3) years of social

Responsibilities and Duties

Reporting to the Advisory Board, the Executive Director is responsible for the following core areas:

  • Maintaining a collaborative organizational culture and creating results-oriented team of researchers
  • Monitoring and analyzing security and political developments, relating to peace-building, state-building, governance and conflict resolution in PDRC’s areas of focus, while suggesting actions to the Board that are both relevant and assure PDRC’s long term sustainability.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of the evolving program plan.
  • Meeting operating and financial objectives against budget and addressing areas for improvement.
  • Ensuring effective communications are maintained with all stakeholders, with special focus of civil society.
  • Supported by the Program Director and the Finance Officer, develop mission-related income generation activities and financial and budgetary plans
  • Manage human resources and the organizational structure as needed to provide clear work
  • Expectations and adequate resources for achieving program goals.

Qualifications and experience:

  • An advanced (Masters) degree in a relevant field of social sciences.
  • 5 years of experience in governance, peace-building and state-building and conflict analysis.
  • 3 years of practical research experience while understanding participatory research approaches.
  • Excellent understanding of’ Somalia political dynamics with a particular focus on Puntland.
  • Good writing and spoken skills in Somali and English.
  • Excellent participatory leadership and a collaborative result-oriented management style.
  • Excellent strategic thinking, process management and problem-solving skills on research-based parameters.
  • Analytical and organizational skills, strategy formation, process improvement and team building.
  • Proven public communication skills, capacity building, advocacy and policy experience.
  • Proven experience of successful fundraising and financing strategies.
  • Knowledge of project planning and corresponding monitoring tools.

To Apply

Submit: CV including publications; educational qualification (Masters or above (mention universities) and 3 professional references (write their telephones and emails). Submit Application, CV, copies of university degrees with covering letter of experiences via email to: fmuufo@gmail.com

Deadline: Tuesday, 30th of September, 2014 not later than hours: 12.00 noon

For further information you can contact to:

Ali Farah Ali –program director:
Email: alialifarah@gmail.com

Faduma Mohamed-Finance Manager
Email: fmuufo@gmail.com