Garowe (15th May 2014): The Puntland President, his Excellency President Abdiweli Ali Gaas awarded a medal of honor in recognition of PDRC’s diligence and honesty in the delivery of its services to the people of Puntland. This was during the celebrations to mark the Somali Youth Day in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the Somali youth league.

Commending the work of the organizers the President said, “I wish to thank the event organizers – that touched our emotions- the Ministry and PDRC” he added. “For bringing together the farthest districts in Puntland State.”

“PDRC is the leading institution that we have or rather the best nongovernmental institution owned by the people of Puntland state.” President Abdiweli told at least 500 people who convened at the parliament hall to mark the 71st Somali youth Day on the 15th May 2014, in Garowe.


The President told commemorators that he had reached as far as Towfiq district and that he is planning to visit the remaining districts in the near future.

PDRC Programme director, Mr. Ali Farah beamed and shook hands with the President as he received the Medal of Honor for excellence in service on behalf of PDRC. The audience clapped and ululated their endorsement of PDRC’s award. The jubilant programme director later told the communications office that he was happy that both the public and the government had recognized “our collective efforts.” He added that the achievement would not have been possible without the support of PDRC’s long-term partner, Interpeace.

The Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) is a research-oriented organization that is in partnership with Interpeace, an international peacebuilding organization. PDRC focuses on peace building, decentralization, democratization and Security and Rule of Law. PDRC and Interpeace have served Puntland for over 15 years.

The mission of PDRC is to participate – as actor and beneficiary – in peacebuilding and reconstruction of Somalia; and to contribute to the creation of a democratic system of governance and respect of human rights for all based on the equality of all citizens.

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