Abdullkadir Yassin Jama

Abdullkadir Yassin Jama, may his soul rest in eternal peace, was assassinated in Galkayo on Sunday, October 30, 2011 around 5:20pm by two unknown gunmen.

He was born in 1978. He was the second last born of the family and had three brothers and four sisters. Both of his parents Khadija Ali Shire and Yassin Haji Jama are alive
He was married to Hamda Khalif Abdulle, he didn’t leave any kids behind but his wife is expecting.

Abdullkadir Yassin went his primary and secondary education in Galkayo. Later on, he went to Pakistan for university education where he did up to Master’s Degree in Economics.
After graduation, he returned to Somalia late 2009, and joined Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) Galkayo office early 2010 as the Research Assistant in the Pillars of Peace Program. He was appointed to be interim Lead Researcher in June 2011 when the former Lead Researcher resigned.

He used to develop social linkages with and networks to all clans living in Galkayo, youth and women groups. He was also a good community mobilizer on peace-building and reconciliation
He always used to say “Tribalism and Nationalism can never go hand in hand and unless Somalis realize that we will always remain this way”.

His sudden death leaves behind a young expectant widow, and a loss of a professional in PDRC’s Galkayo Satellite Office (GSO).

PDRC staff is sending heartfelt condolence to Abdulkadi’s grieving family members, and his expecting widow.