gaas_cameyFirst consultative workshop between the newly elected president and vice president of puntland and prominent representatives of society.

Following the democratic election of a new president and his vice on January 8 th 2014, and the peaceful transition of power in Puntland, a renascent political prospect emerged on the horizon with the new administration adopting participatory approaches of public engagement in policy discussion and decision-making processes.

Only hours  after his inauguration, the newly elected President, His Excellency, Hon. Abdelwali Mohamed Ali, introduced an exemplary model of governance convening a massive consultative meeting with well-informed citizens representing the different chapters of  Puntland society. The workshop which was held at PDRC on 15th January 2014 was carefully orchestrated by the aids  of the new president (Abdi Farah, Minister of Education and Asha Geele) and ably  facilitated by Puntland Development Research Centre.

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