Ayaan Dooranaa? - Waxaan maraynaa xilli masiirka dadka Soomaaliyeed kalaguur ku jiro. Waa xilli muhiim ah oo la doonayo in aynu go’aan ka gaarno … Read more about Ayaan Dooranaa?
Somalia Election 2016: Spreading the Word - Since one-person-one-vote is far-fetched given Somalia's current state, indirect elections have been opted as the most feasible and realistic form of … Read more about Somalia Election 2016: Spreading the Word
MAVU Civic Education Activity - On June 26th, the PDRC-MAVU Team facilitated elections for over 120 students of Ramadan School in Galkayo for the establishment … Read more about MAVU Civic Education Activity
MAVU: Promoting Youth Political Participation - The Puntland Development Research Center (PDRC) continues to remain steadfast in the pursuit of Puntland’s Government fully adopting a democratic … Read more about MAVU: Promoting Youth Political Participation
MAVU: The Eyl Experience - Eyl is a coastal district; a gruesome one day journey from the capital Garowe due to inaccessible roads. The community … Read more about MAVU: The Eyl Experience
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