During the first half of the year, the Dialogue for Peace (DfP) continued to finalize the products of Phase – I, while the Non-State Actors project continued to evolve its activities towards the establishment of a Puntland Non-State-Actor’s Forum.
The final products on the researched entry points have been completed and three main documents published in December. In fact, the publications:

  1. Funding the Future
  2. Roots for Good Governance, and
  3. Peace-building at the Cross-roads

…were distributed to the public during the launching of the DfP-II in January 2008. The launching of the phase II coincided with the launching of new name for WSPI as Interpeace (The International Peace-building Alliance). The event took place in Garowe at PDRC main Conference Hall. The Director General of Interpeace, Mr. Scott Webber, The Interpeace Eastern Africa and the great Lakes director Mr. Jerry McCann and his regional office senior staff members were present at the ceremony. Among other dignitaries that attended the ceremony included the Vice president of Puntland Administration, government ministers, community elders and the selected active members of working groups and other resourceful personalities. There the ongoing democratization of Puntland political system was also launched. Both the public and the government.

  • Major events, other than the Dialogue for Peace or the Non-state Actors project that took place in this period included the hosting of a number of Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) workshops, which concluded in a large validation meeting that was held at PDRC in July.
  • The adoption of Country Strategy Paper (CSP): The EU, the Administration and the NSAs have jointly reviewed and adopted the 2008-2011 cooperation plan.