This year marked the onset of Puntland constitutional crisis, between the then administration and opposition groups. The center, thus implemented the Puntland Peace Mission (PPM) that aimed at preventing the escalation of hostilities and saving the area from disintegration. The mission, under the sponsorship of some international organizations and Puntland Diaspora, organized peace rallies across the whole area and shuttled between the main protagonists of the crisis.

Other activities in this year included:

  1. Conducted interactive research on “Demobilization and Integration of Militia and Armed Groups”. Funded under the auspices of the Somali Civil Protection Program – SCPP/UNPD, a comprehensive report, which now serves as a reliable reference material, was produced.
  2. Conducted an interactive participatory research into the “Harmonization of Legal Codes” (Customary, Sharia, and Secular) in Puntland, as part of a broader civil protection program under the auspices of Diakonia-Swedish, an INGO, and UNDP, the output of which: Pastoral Justice-Book One; Four workshops on the issue with total participants of 199 (30% were female). In August 2001, Puntland Development Research Center completed construction of new, permanent premises in Garowe, including office space, training rooms, and conference feasibilities, that had significantly contributed to the Research Center’s sustainability.
  3. PDRC conducted, on contract from Diakonia, an evaluation on the Puntland Community College, a two-year tertiary education college for management and administration. The output is the present flourishing “Puntland State University” (former PCC). The center’s Reading Team participated in the assessment of the draft “Human Development Report 2001” under a UNDP contract. Mark Bradbury, the study coordinator and consultant, in his final “thank you” email said: “The contribution from PDRC was particularly impressive”.