PDRC is a successor body of former War-torn Societies Project International (WSPI), which operated in Puntland during 1997–99. On October 30, 1999, the center was founded as a Local Non-Governmental Organization (LNGO), governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) of seven members. The Board, also called “Founders”, consists of five men and two ladies. The present director, Abdurahman Abdulle Osman (Shuke), then became the first executive director of organization.

Founders lobby for fund-raising and promote Puntland Development Research Center’s policies and programmes. The founders also conduct/arrange meetings to review the organization’s performance and guide future programmes.


  • To participate, as actor and beneficiary, in peace building and reconstruction of Somalia; and
  • To contribute to the creation of a democratic system of government, economic and social development, and respect of human rights for all, based on equality of all citizens.


  1. To contribute to peace, human security, and development in the reconstruction and development of Puntland and other regions of Somalia.
  2. To provide a neutral forum for peace-building and reconciliation through dialogue among key actors (government authorities, civil society, private sector, and international development actors)
  3. To assist in the identification of reconstruction problems and priorities facing the Puntland government and its people
  4. To develop possible strategies and options for future development, and for efficient utilization of resources

Program Focus

PDRC program comprise of two main components:

  1. Public policy dialogue ––discussion forums at PDRC as a neutral body to promote peace, reconciliation, good governance, gender issues, and respect for human rights.
  2. Engaging and training of social scientists teams ––training to create a sustainable research institution in Puntland.


The center has adopted “Participatory Action Research – (PAR)” as a strategic tool for peace-building, reconstruction, development, and democratization of government systems, both traditional and modern. PDRC conducted wide-ranging Participatory Action Research (PAR) throughout Puntland, leading to a build-up of confidence, ownership of processes and, above all, consensus on issues discussed.