Tuesday March 8th 2016 – A high profile delegation of senior EU officials arrived in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia. The delegation met with PDRC Management and Staff at the centers headquarters. This meeting focused on a wide range of issues including political developments in Puntland as well as the general political landscape in relation to disagreements over the 2016 electoral module. The parties (EU and PDRC) discussed the resumption of Puntland’s democratization process which entails a multi party electoral system. Furthermore they reiterated the undeniable history, expertise and role that PDRC fosters in ensuring that Puntland emerges from clan-based to a democratic form of governance.
PDRC Management and Staff comprised of the Executive Director, Program Coordinator, Lead Researchers and Communications Officer took turns addressing the EU delegation questions and concerns. Additionally, the PDRC Team provided a detailed report on previous democratization efforts with regards to the centers Democratization Pillar; this also included several PDRC publications for the distinguished delegation. Moreover, the EU delegation was informed on the imperativeness of
supporting the newly appointed Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC): The EU representatives reaffirmed their collective commitment in democratizing the political systems of Somalia and in particular, Puntland. Both, PDRC and the EU, agreed on the fact that public awareness is crucial to the realization of goals for the overall democratization process. The EU is the largest donor of PDRC activities in the last 15 years.

On the other hand, PDRC facilitated and organized a series of private and group meetings for the EU delegation some of which included ministers; TPEC and civil society which were all held at our center headquarters. The role of PDRC for the international community as a neutral platform and facilitator of high level meetings is a distinct and unique privilege.